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Do Your Wooden Floors Need an Extreme Makeover?

Welcome to London’s Wooden Floor Sanding & Refinishing Services. We have right and perfect expertise in wooden flooring maintenance, resanding, renovation, refinishing and more. We have amazingly good credibility in the marketplace.

We are recognized at national level for quality of the wooden floor refurbishment services we provide. Our vast experience has taken us to all corners of the country, including domestic and commercial projects for all types of clients. We focus on delivering high standards of quality to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and provide a second to none service.

We are also dedicated to offer competitive prices on all types of products and services. We hope that insight provided above will help you to make the decision to use us for reliable, affordable and high quality wooden flooring resurfacing projects. 

Here are few reasons to choose our floor sanding and restoration services:


Competitive prices

We guarantee you top quality wooden flooring services at the most competitive prices.

Free Initial Quote

Unlike most expensive flooring service providers, we offer free advices, quotes and even no-obligation floor surveys.

Latest Equipments

Our floor sanding and restoration experts use only best products and latest equipments to give your floor a perfect and long lasting looks

Nationwide Reach

Although we are based in London but we offer our services across whole UK. Feel free to contact us to see if we can cover your area.

To get a better idea on how we can serve your flooring requirements, please contact us.

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Our Expertise Includes

Fast and Non-Intrusive Maintenance

To restore and protect your floor, we offer two types of services. You can choose Screen and Re-seal service for a fast and non-intrusive restoration of your floor or more intensive full restoration and sanding service. We use only best wood finishing products to serve your floor maintenance needs. We also help our customers to choose the best oil or most effective seal for their floors. Thus, we ensure that you have beautiful floors for the years to come.

Commercial Floors Sanded and Restored

We have expert professionals to provide all types of commercial floor sanding and restoration services. We have wide range of professional techniques to restore your commercial floor to its former glory. Whatever your budget or particular construction requirements, we have right and perfect floor refurbishment service to serve your commercial and domestic flooring needs. If you really think that wooden floor of your commercial establishment is one of the best features of your office, you can trust our experts without giving a second thought to the quality of our services.

Domestic Floor Sanding and Wood Flooring Restorations

Whether you have a contemporary home or you are living in a period property, your floor will require professional cleaning and restoration services from time to time. We boast for the range and quality of services we provide to restore a domestic wooden floor of any age, species or profile. Why not contact us today and get a free quote while learning more about our expertise and range of services. Don’t worry. It’s free of cost.

About Us

London’s wooden floor sanding service is a professional floor renovation and restoration service provider with several years of experience. We boast for the exceptional quality of our products and services.

With a wealth of expertise, experience and the latest products in the field of floor refinishing, we are suitable and one of the most ideal firms to provide and restore high quality wooden floorings in both commercial and personal spaces.

We undertake all aspects of floor installation and restoration from conceptualization to completion. Our services are second to none and cover all types of wooden floors. All flooring and refurbishment work will be tailored to meet your requirements after an initial onsite consultation.

We are based in London and offer our services across the country. Our prices depend solely on your location, the condition of the floor, and the final finish you want to achieve on your floor. Please get in touch with us for more information and get a free quotation.

Client Testimonials

Michael A
I was hesitant about getting my wooden floors refinished, but the London Floor Sanding...
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Michael A
I was hesitant about getting my wooden floors refinished, but the London Floor Sanding Company put all my worries to rest. The results speak for themselves – my floors now look brand new and have brought a renewed charm to my home. The team's skill and dedication are evident in every detail, and I'm thrilled with the outcome.
Michael A
Michael A
Emily G
I can't thank the London Floor Sanding Company enough for the incredible job they did...
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Emily G
I can't thank the London Floor Sanding Company enough for the incredible job they did on my floors. The difference is remarkable – from scratches and fading to a flawless and rejuvenated surface. The team's professionalism, punctuality, and genuine care for customer satisfaction are truly commendable. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-notch floor restoration.
Emily G
Emily G
John A
Choosing the London Floor Sanding Company was the best decision I made for my home. ...
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John A
Choosing the London Floor Sanding Company was the best decision I made for my home. The team not only restored my hardwood floors to their former glory but also added a touch of elegance that exceeded my expectations. Their expertise and friendly approach made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. I'm thrilled with the outcome!
John A
John A
Sarah W
I was truly amazed by the transformation my wooden floors underwent with the London Floor ...
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Sarah W
I was truly amazed by the transformation my wooden floors underwent with the London Floor Sanding Company. From a dull and worn-out appearance, they now radiate a stunning shine that lights up the entire room. The team's professionalism and attention to detail were outstanding, and I couldn't be happier with the results.
Sarah W
Sarah W

Our Before & After Images

Tips and tricks for achieving the perfect painted finish after sanding floorboards

It might seem a strange decision to spend time and effort to only to cover up the results of your hard work with floor paint, but the trend for painted floorboards shows no signs of letting up. After all, when you start sanding, you have no idea what your floorboards will look like after the process is complete: inferior boards and staining can both be very good reasons to paint a floor rather than giving it an oiled or varnished finish which would simply seal in the defects.

Choosing the right paint

You may hanker after an expensive floor paint and then decide you’ll cut corners and use a normal wall paint instead. Don’t, this is one place where you need a good quality paint that will stand up to traffic while staying beautiful. You could use a standard paint and finish with a polyurethane varnish, but never use acrylic paint on your wooden floors. A good quality floor paint containing polyurethane may seem expensive but the results will be worth it.

Sanding and cleaning

Choose a dust-free floor sanding method, which will make clean up much easier and prevent a build up of dust that can ruin your painted finish by clogging up your paint and brushes. Then vacuum well and wash your floors to remove remaining dust and grime, letting them dry naturally and thoroughly. Allow 1-2 days to ensure the floor has dried out completely.

Don't box yourself in

After priming your floor, start by cutting in and painting about 2-3″ of the floor all around the edges of the room. Apply thin and even coats using a roller, starting at the furthest corner and moving backwards towards the door. Paint along the length of the grain and make sure you blend the overlapping strokes well. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours before applying a second coat, and allowing that to thoroughly dry before use. Several thin coats will dry harder than one thick coat, thus producing a more durable finish. Ideally, you should wait 28 days before replacing heavy furniture for best results, and no stilettos in the house!